Look at My Kid. My Kid is Amazing.

Tonight I uploaded a lot of new Beanlet stuff.

I added 141 new photos to Flickr, untitled & unsorted. From October 22 through his 1st birthday party on November 14. You can see them here.

I added 15 new videos to YouTube. From September 9 through the party on November 14. You can watch them here.

Beach & Farm Photos

Just posted 2 new sets of photos. Check ’em out:

Rehoboth Beach 2009 (38 photos) – Some of these photos don’t have Sean in them. You’ll survive. This was Sean’s first trip to the beach outside of Erin’s belly. We went last year, but I doubt he remembers any of it.

Cox Farms 2009 (24 photos) – Hayrides and pumpkins galore. Sean’s first encounter with many things farm-related, including the smell of a pig sty. Great fun.

He’s just started to get the hang of taking steps without holding anything. Can’t really say he’s walking yet; still pretty wobbly. I’ll post some videos of his progress soon.

Beanlet Blog Update 19

Sean received his first hair cut exactly 6 months after his birthday. It happened while he was on a roadtrip to Ohio with Erin & his grandma. While in Ohio, he also met his great-grandfather.

He took his first ride in an actual playground swing.

After 7 months of constant and excessive drooling, his first tooth is finally coming in.

He ate his first Cheerio.

And, he recently met his Uncle Chico.

New photos are available over at Flickr.