Cheap Inauguration Accommodations

I found this article titled “$40,000 Inauguration Hotel Packages” over on Fark.

Guess what!

We will have 2 bedrooms available come Obamarama time, and we’re about 25 road miles from the White House.

The basement room with the queen bed, private bathroom w/ shower, family room with couch, chair, Internet access, mini-fridge, elliptical and FIOS television? You can have it for $750 per night, no minimum. BARGAIN!

The upstairs room with the full-size bed? $500 per night.

You’ll have to share the bathroom with me & the Beanlet (Erin has her own). DEEP DEEP DISCOUNT!

Potential candidates must rent their own car (guest parking available).

Contact me at your earliest convenience, hippies.

What an Asshole!

“The resolution is clearly working. It is driving down the non-English-speaking portion of the schools and saving us millions of dollars. They’re going to other jurisdictions and costing them money.”

Quote from Corey A. Stewart, Chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors in the Washington Post.

In context: Rules championed by him to (purportedly) combat illegal immigration are forcing Hispanics and/or Latinos to flee from PWCo.

Unfortunately for PWCo., many of those taking part in the exodus are legal Hispanics and/or Latinos.

Granted I have never spoken with the man, but I’m sure Stewart is myopically delighted at the efflux of brown people from his precious Prince William County, legal or not. Hell, his county has always been more red (in both the “state” and “neck” applications of the hue) than the rest of Northern Virginia.

I wonder how he’ll feel when his county draws lower revenues from sales, property, personal property, and proportion of Commonwealth income taxes (which is sure to factor into the state budget allocations).

I also wonder who mows his lawn.

Granted I have never spoken with the man, but I’m sure Stewart is a fucking racist hypocrite.

Subterfuge or Just an Unwelcome Endorsement?

After widespread rumors of the man’s death, Fidel Castro’s name is at least healthy enough to appear in an editorial opining that a Hillary-Barack ticket in 2008 would be “invincible”… or so CNN reports.

Hrm… the only remaining old-school Commie in the Western hemisphere ostensibly backs some Democratic candidates, and one unlikely pair in particular? What better way to put a bad taste in the collective mouth (not to mention hive mind) of Middle America? I mean… in lieu of some crazy gay-sex scandal perpetrated by someone who’s not in the Republican party.

Smart money says the “embattled” G.O.P. is already drawing up their talking points from this fodder.

Fullwise Speedwise to Blackwhite

Back in May, I mournfully hinted at The Administration’s use of language as a tool of deception. Today (via reddit), I find that the Cato Institute has released a brief titled, “Doublespeak and the War on Terrorism” [direct PDF download] which abstracts:

… A conscientious discussion of our policy options must begin with a clear understanding of what our government is actually doing and what it is really proposing to do next. The aim here is to enhance the understanding of both policymakers and the interested lay public by exposing doublespeak.

Draw your own conclusions.

Double Plus Ungood

In starkly obvious (and redundant) reference to Orwell’s 1984 and its newspeak, this UPI blurb states:

U.S. President George Bush has waged a verbal “operation of deception” that shows an impressive use of language… [fark]

The Bossman at work has actually met the (w) and came back saying he was impressed with his intellect. The Bossman himself is no slouch—a Wile E.Coyote style Super-Genius, really—so I have to abstain from making my standard “the (w) is a bumbling idiot” dismissal.

So… fuck… that makes it even scarier.

Note to the NSA: I made zero phone calls in authoring this post… although I’m sure you knew that already. Have a nice day and thank you for the valuable service you provide to your country’s citizens. We’re not allowed to violate the Constitution… so thank your God that someone finally had the balls to jettison that Liberal piece of shit.