Going to a Gun Fight with a Slightly Sharpened Stick

How fucked is this?

SCO’s CEO Darl McBride was told that the Linux kernel contained no SCO copyright code six months before the company issued its first lawsuit, a memo reveals.

That’s from The Register; there’s another story over at c|net. Both sites have links to more info.

If I was a “venture capitalist” supporting SCO (they have no real income nowadays), I’d yank my interest in that shit faster than… um… something like Mach 9. What a bunch of fucktards.

Bite-Sized Pieces of Propagation

Today’s word-of-the-day is “propagate”. The category is “Fuck SCO”, so let’s start with that.

Once upon a time, The SCO Group thought it would be a good idea to put up a website to propagate pro-SCO propaganda. They must’ve taken a page from The Administration’s Propaganda Playbook. Their lawyers, however, have kept it from going live because of unspecified concerns. So reports The Register.

Next, over on Slashdot: “Study Recommends Mac OS X as Safest OS“. Linux leads all OSes of “manual hacker breaches”. The quoted study does not include self-propagating Windows malware.

Next: Since I don’t live in Florida any more, I had no idea that Betty Castor was running for Senate. Damn, that’s awesome. Betty was the President of USF back in the day… toward the end of my time there. I met her a number of times at Honors Program functions, and shook her hand as I walked across the stage at my commencement.

Are you winking at her?

That’s what my mom asked me once we got the proofs from the graduation ceremony.

Yes, I was. Unfortunately, though, it looks like she’s not going to make it to Congress this year… and I think that sucks. She’s been a champion of education in Florida for years, and I would have loved to see her propagate her pro-education agenda on a national stage. Late Update: Betty’s giving Bush’s boy, Mel, a good run for his money. Even at 12:42am, it’s still being labeled as “too close to call”, although the advantage lies with Mel-Fuck.

Finally, Jack and I are going out for a few “Election Night Coverage” beers over at Champps. I will propagate something, but I’m not sure what at this point.

SCO Flip-Floppin’

As Karen points out, most of y’all don’t give shit one about the SCO situation. Okay, fair enough… go read about something that really matters.

Back in the day, SCO started this whole fiasco by basing its US$1B lawsuit on claims that IBM violated a trade secrets agreement [Forbes]. That was their foot in the door.

Recently, SCO added copyright violation to its list of charges against IBM [c|net], bringing the total lawsuit tally to over US$5B. This latest stab is taken even though Novell is suing SCO for copyright violations [Infoworld], and SCO is suing Novell for slander [c|net]… um… for claiming that Novell retains the copyright to Unix code originally purchased from AT&T… which it (Novell) later sold to some form of Caldera, which eventually mutated into SCO.

Jeebus. What a tangled mess. Oh! But, now… SCO is dropping its original claim against IBM (the trade secrets one) because they’ve been caught with their pants down [el Reg]. Basically:

SCO: Trade secrets violation! Money money money!
IBM: Yeah? Prove it.
SCO: Oh, we will. We have over 1 million lines of code that prove it.
IBM: Yeah? Show us.
SCO: Oh, we will in court.
[in court]
IBM: Judge, SCO hasn’t shown dick.
SCO: Yes we have. We’ve ignored court orders to provide the 1 million lines of code, instead showing you almost 4 thousand.
IBM: Isn’t that perjury or contempt or something?
SCO: Shit, nevermind with that insignificant trade secrets stuff… lets move over to copyright infringement. Money money money!

While that may appear to be a classic bait-and-switch tactic, I see it as further evidence that SCO’s claims against IBM (and everyone else) are full of shit, and that they’ll do anything to make money without actually having to do anything or make a product. The investors seem to be smartening up on this whole thing, too [el Reg].

Please note and fully appreciate the new post category, “Fuck SCO”, for the year 2004. An homage to myself. How narcissistic.

SCO Conspiracy Follow-Up

So, on a whim, I wrote how this whole MyDoom/Novarg email virus DDoS attach thing could conceivably have been hatched by SCO themselves. Remember that?

Yeah, well, call me crazy… but isn’t SCO, their agenda, and their “we have come under attack by the Linux community” rhetoric being effectively promulgated by the enormous media coverage of said email virus? Sure, the “we have come under attack by the Linux community” is in response to their IBM lawsuit and FUD campaign, but who (other than the GPL-lovin’ hippies) is going to draw that distinction when reading an article about the virus?

The phrases “under attack by the Linux community” and “website under attack from the Internet” are going to become synonymous in the public’s mind after this… and that’s just what we (the GPL-lovin’ hippies) don’t need.

Just do a Google search on “sco mydoom“, and you’ll see what I mean.

SCO Conspiracy Theory

So that crazy new Windows mass-mailing worm is designed to slam the SCO webserver in February.

Now, I’m not a conspiracy theorist, but I wouldn’t be surprised if SCO outsourced some pimply-faced youth to bastardize the previous Mimail code to implement a DDoS attack on themselves. They’d have to outsource it… nobody writes code at SCO these days anyway.

That way, they could say, “See? Our webservers are down again, due to some malicious DDoS attack by the Linux community! The GPL is illegal, and the Linux people are mean and evil! Just like Saddam and his brother Osama (DNA evidence proves it)!” to boost their arguments on Capitol Hill to people who know less about computers or DNA testing than they do. Ask a senator what a DDoS attack is, or better yet, what a polymerase chain reaction is… sheesh.

Shit, the White House cries “wolf!” then “victim!”, so why shouldn’t SCO? Darl McBride and Karl Rove… separated at birth? DNA evidence proves it!