Doing some web development, using Chrome’s Developer Tools & got the javascript console open. Every time an HTTP GET fires sync or async, I get 4 lines in the console from “tswebclient.js” spamming my console.

This comes from the TrueSuite software that runs my Eikon USB fingerprint scanner on OS X (Mountain Lion). Disabling the Chrome extension keeps my console nice & clean for my *own* debug messages.

OS X (Snow Leopard) Terminal Wish-List

Answers may exist for these questions, but I don’t know them.

I wish I did, and my google-fu is weak.

1. How can I get Terminal.app to preserve the highlighted state of previously-selected text when I paste into that window? E.g., I often need to copy & paste the same “put” command in an sftp session. In Tiger’s (10.4.x) Terminal.app, I could simply click once on the appropriate Terminal window, the text would remain highlighted, copy, paste & be on my way. Since the upgrade to 10.6.x, however, the paste action causes the previously-dragged text selection highlight to disappear; after pasting, nothing is selected. Now I must re-drag to select, copy and paste every time.

2. Why doesn’t the up arrow work in sftp? On the command line and in an ssh session, you can press the up arrow to scroll through the list of previously-issued commands. Not so in the sftp client on OS X. Why not? Is there something I can configure on the client or server side to make this work properly?

I tried using iTerm instead of Terminal.app. Text remains highlighted after pasting, but iTerm doesn’t highlight or select end-of-line characters. I have to press the return key manually each time to enter the command. And the up arrow doesn’t work either. X11’s xterm is a piece of shit.

So what fixes or options exist to circumvent this behavior?

FrameMaker on Mac: Pay Attention, Adobe!

About a year ago, I ranted about Adobe having abandoned the Mac platform for their FrameMaker product. In that post, I quoted then-product-manager Aseem Dokania thusly:

…I believe there are some good workarounds available now for using windows applications on Mac. It may be possible to use one of them for FrameMaker.

Under the realistic threat that (code-named) Mandar Warrior Princess’ G5 iMac may die in the near future, I decided to give it a shot. It’s a number of years later, and technology actually makes it pretty easy to do what Aseem said on your Intel-based Mac. I still think he’s an asshole, though.

If you run 10.5.x (Leopard) on your Mac, you have the Boot Camp option, but you can only run Windows or OS X at one time. You have to reboot the machine to switch.

So for late-comers like me who still run 10.4.x (Tiger), and those who wish to run both operating systems concurrently, you have to install VMware or Parallels. These allow you to run a virtual machine on your Mac; essentially, Windows appears to run as an “application” on the Mac in its own… ahem… window.

Next, you install a version of Windows on the virtual machine. Finally, you install FrameMaker 9 for Windows, and you’re off!

None of it is very elegant (vis-à-vis having a Mac-native version), but it will work.

Mac users are screwed either way, though.

Adobe no longer makes FrameMaker for Mac; therefore your upgrade eligibility is nil, as they require upgrades be for the same platform. That juicy $399 upgrade price tag is there just to mock you.

So, how much will it really cost?

VMware and Parallels each retail for about $80. You can pick up a version of Windows XP 2002 (w/o service packs) on Amazon for $119. The full version of FrameMaker 9 for Windows is $999.

Total: $1,198.00

So here’s what I propose, Adobe.

Offer a “Mac Upgrade” option to customers like me who undoubtedly continue to faithfully shell out cash for Photoshop & Illustrator upgrades. Offer FrameMaker 9 for $800 to those with valid Mac FM serial numbers, thus subsidizing the purchase of the extra software required to make it work on my Mac.

I submitted this to Adobe via their website, but will likely not hear from them.

It’s too bad, though. It’s exactly this type of consideration that would make me (and many other Mac users) think, “okay, at least they’re trying not to be complete assholes about this,” and pay the $800.

I Wholeheartedly Apologize

1. “Towards”? No. “Toward”. Some would argue “samey same no takebacks, fucker”, but to them I say: “How the fuck can you pluralize a preposition?” Aboves? No. Arounds? No. See how this works?

2. “Any” means one of many. E.g., “pick any card” or “press any key”. One. Singular. Therefore, selecting one of many different ways results in: Any way. Or, more colloquially: Anyway. It’s never “anyways”. Never ever ever ever. Ever. Infinity. Fucking stop it!

3. When you realize you’ve made a mistake, and wish to deliver an indicative utterance: It’s spelled “oops” which rhymes with “poops”. It is not spelled “opps” which rhymes with “drops”. Unless you’re actually trying to convey that you’d normally say something that rhymes with “plops”, in which case you’re fucking retarded because nobody says “opps”; everyone says “oops”.

I Really Want a Cigarette

I quit smoking on October 1st. I created a count-up timer to track how long it’s been since I last enjoyed a cigarette.

It’s not one of those fancy counters crafted in the latest JavaScript or AJAX libraries. It’s an 8-line Python script running server-side that gets fed through an app server. This means that the page only updates if you visit it anew, or hit the reload button.

OK, so it sucks.

It’s not all cool and shit. Cut me some fucking slack, I quit smoking for the first (real) time in 20 years.

I’m a bit edgy. It’s only been 10 days.

Dulles Getting Metro? Thanks, Jesus!

“The Bible describes faith as the substance of things hoped for. This certainly seems to fit in that category,” said Clark Tyler, chairman of the Tysons Land Use Task Force, which has spent years planning for development around rail. “We had faith that Metro was coming, and it looks like it’s going to.”

Washington Post

Yeah, because the Bible was written explicitly to address the regional need for light rail service to the area’s busiest airport. What about the FTA’s decision to fund the project bears celebration of religion?

That shit is completely unnecessary. Fucking fundies.

Oh, by the way, the “Jesus” in the title doesn’t refer to your “savior”. It refers to all the Hispanic men who will be performing exhausting manual labor for the next 5-7 years building the motherfucker… one of which is undoubtedly named Jesus (pron. Hay-soos).

What an Asshole!

“The resolution is clearly working. It is driving down the non-English-speaking portion of the schools and saving us millions of dollars. They’re going to other jurisdictions and costing them money.”

Quote from Corey A. Stewart, Chairman of the Prince William Board of County Supervisors in the Washington Post.

In context: Rules championed by him to (purportedly) combat illegal immigration are forcing Hispanics and/or Latinos to flee from PWCo.

Unfortunately for PWCo., many of those taking part in the exodus are legal Hispanics and/or Latinos.

Granted I have never spoken with the man, but I’m sure Stewart is myopically delighted at the efflux of brown people from his precious Prince William County, legal or not. Hell, his county has always been more red (in both the “state” and “neck” applications of the hue) than the rest of Northern Virginia.

I wonder how he’ll feel when his county draws lower revenues from sales, property, personal property, and proportion of Commonwealth income taxes (which is sure to factor into the state budget allocations).

I also wonder who mows his lawn.

Granted I have never spoken with the man, but I’m sure Stewart is a fucking racist hypocrite.

The Only Thing I can Say without Sounding Shallow

Does this tripe make The New Yorker if Avery plays in Phoenix? Not fucking likely. Also, how does such an egotistical prick pull off sounding kind of “normal guy” while–at the same time–being ultra-pretentious?

You’re an enigma, Sean Avery. And you’re trying too hard to be “interesting”.

Nota bene: I use “enigma” for lack of a better word. My vulgarity currently escapes me.

Any of my 4 readers have an appropriate noun or adjective?

Scoring Attempted Derision

cf. Stuff White People Like

Granted, I’m only 1/2 white, but I’m probably the whitest half-breed Mexican you’ll ever meet… unless you join a bowling league with my brother after he moves to Alabama.

Anyway, the above-linked website (written by a white chick) tries to be “scientific” in her snarky, holier-than-whites commentary about things that white people purportedly like.

At this point she’s listed 66 things, with 2 entries inaccessible and/or lost forever due to an ill-fated foray into dedicated hosting. This particular white person does not like other white people who are ignorant of the intricacies of running a web server attempting to do so.

Let’s see how her superior judgment stacks up:
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Rage Maker: Fuck Adobe

Framemaker is, arguably, the best application for producing voluminous documentation on the market. Anybody that argues that Microsoft Word is even remotely capable of handling documents more than 30 pages long is either an idiot, a masochist, or both.

The Company has been using Framemaker for all of our manuals for more than 10 years, all the way back to the good (?) ol’ NeXTSTEP days. We’ve paid for new licenses and upgrades as required throughout the years. Attempts were made (against my advice) to do one of our larger manuals in MS Word. That attempt failed miserably, and we paid a nice chunk of cash to a 3rd-party vendor to convert it back to Framemaker.

Unfortunately, our years-long romance with this powerful software may soon come to an end. In a blog post from Feb. 2007, Framemaker’s Product Manager states:

Adobe discontinued FrameMaker software for the Apple Macintosh operating system on April 21, 2004. The decision to discontinue FrameMaker on the Macintosh operating systems was based on the market conditions for FrameMaker.

This after having declared in a previous post that:

Let me assure you, as the Product Manager of FrameMaker, that FrameMaker is here to stay.

A number of events precipitated the demise of Framemaker on Mac machines, and without going into too much detail, they are:
1. The release of Mac OS X 10.0 in 2001
2. The existence of the “Classic” environment therein
3. Adobe’s porting of Photoshop and Illustrator in late 2003
4. Adobe’s “market conditions” preclude porting Framemaker to OS X
5. Apple’s announced intent to move to Intel processors in 2005
6. The extinction of the “Classic” environment therewith
7. Apple stops shipping PowerPC-based Macs in 2006

I will not attempt to pin the injustice of losing Framemaker-on-a-Mac on either company. But… Aseem Dokania’s hubris in response to Mac users’ comments is personally-infuriating, and belies his knowledge of a customer base that has been loyal to–and perhaps buttressed for lengths of time–the company for which he now works.

… I believe there are some good workarounds available now for using windows applications on Mac. It may be possible to use one of them for FrameMaker.

Fuck you, Aseem.

Update: Apparently Aseem is no longer the PM for FM. It’s now Mahesh Kumar Gupta. Bring it back to Mac, Mahesh! If not, you may be told to go fuck yourself. You have been warned.