Partagás Serie D No. 4

Brand: Partagás
Flavor: Serie D No. 4
Size: Robusto (50 × 5″)
Price: ??

A true Cuban cigar from Havana.

This was a hard cigar to smoke. I cut it twice, but it was wrapped so tightly that I could barely get smoke through it. My jaw is sore from trying over and over again to get a solid draw. I thought it would loosen up once it got hot, but that wasn’t the case. I suspected that maybe the wrapper had a hole in it, but I couldn’t find one. The wrapper was fully intact.

That said, it started mild and slightly sweet. It was smooth and almost buttery. The perfume coming off the lit end was delightful and not at all stinky. In the middle of the smoke, there were hints of vanilla. Still hard as fuck to get smoke through it.

At the end, it gets bolder. It’s meaty, yet still smooth. I wish it was easier to smoke, because I think with an easy draw, this would be a delightful cigar.

Buy again? I didn’t buy it, but I have another in the humidor. Will smoke again.

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