Changing Magnet URIs in Google Chrome

At one point, I clicked a link on the Skype website which started with “skype://…”. This is a magnet URL which will cause the appropriate application on your system to launch & handle the request.

Well, Chrome asked me what to do. Should I allow Skype to be launched & run off to do as the website instructed (a possible security risk)? Or should I “Do Nothing”? I accidentally clicked “Do Nothing”.

Now… what that did was seemingly permanently disable my ability to use the Skype-specific magnet URI.

To re-enable this function, I found that inside:
/Users/[username]/Library/Application Support/Google/Chrome/
… is a file named “Local State”.

Inside there, I found a key “protocol_handler” with a hash table, and inside that was:
“excluded_schemes”: {…, “skype”: true, … }

I changed that to “false”, shut down & relaunched Chrome.

Boom. Works.

Posted in Mac

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