Namazu Tips

This is a place to store tips on using/configuring the namazu file system search engine (on Linux).

To get namazu to index hidden files:
1. Copy the sample config file somewhere.
2. Uncomment & change the line:
$DENY_FILE = “.*\\.(gif|png|jpg|jpeg)|.*\\.tar\\.gz|core|.*\\.bak|.*~|\\..*|\x23.*”;
… to:
$DENY_FILE = “.*\\.(gif|png|jpg|jpeg)|.*\\.tar\\.gz|core|.*\\.bak|.*~|\x23.*”;
… i.e., remove the |\\..* part.
3. When you run mknmz, make sure to tell it to use your new config file. I.e., ... -f /path/to/namazu.conf

remember to include that semicolon after your $DENY_FILE or $ALLOW_FILE pattern declarations. Without it, shit won’t work properly.

when programatically calling mknmz to create the index or namazu to perform a search, be sure to use /full/path/from/root as well as enclosing your query in “quotes”.


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