OS X 10.6 Terminal Crash on Launch

Boss at work reports Terminal.app is crashing upon launch. He can’t use the email batch exporter I wrote; this is chapping his ass.

I launch it from his Dock… crash log reports BAD_ACCESS_something-or-other. No help there.
I try trashing his terminal preferences; no dice.
I downloaded iTerm2, as suggested by Adam, and bring that up on his Mac. It works.

So without thinking, I type: open /Applications/Terminal.app [Enter] into iTerm2, and it crashes as it has been.

Wait a minute.

open /Applications/Utilities/Terminal.app [Enter] … Success.

Somehow, Terminal.app got copied into /Applications (mistakenly), and that’s what his Dock shortcut was calling. Kill that copy, kill the shortcut, drag to Dock from /Applications/Utilities, and all is well.

I have no idea why having the app exist in a different place would cause this behavior… some mysterious callback shit, no doubt.


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