Succinct Reviews of 5 Albums

Krisiun: Southern Storm
(web, wiki, myspace)
Brazilian death metal
Tight, thick and brutal. More for death metal fans than those of a Cavalera.

Rise Against: Appeal to Reason
(web, wiki, myspace)
Socially-conscious punk
Good radio-friendly punk that’s nowhere near as awesome as previous 2 releases.

Unearth: The March
(web, wiki, myspace)
American metalcore
Good for genre purists. Unmistakeable Killswitch influence.

Master: Slaves to Society
(web, wiki, myspace)
Throwback death metal
Crappy production on this re-release adds to sheer kick-ass-ocity of this album.

Gojira: The Way of All Flesh
(web, wiki, myspace)
Prog/death metal
Very double-kick-tastic, suffers from breakdowns. Some of the downtempo parts are laborious.

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