Things I Needed to Jot Down or Lose Forever

Messing around with SQLite and pysqlite, I compiled some basics & datetime examples.

Erin while nursing the Beanlet: “I don’t know why… but I love this song”. TLC commercial for the midget farmers show & the Jesusfreaks with eight kids.

I realized I was a father when another human being farted directly into my cupped palm mere inches from my face, and I thought it was adorable. Had the diaper not been there, it would have been much less adorable.

Erin scolding me while pointing to Beanlet: “Until you grow boobs… that can produce milk… you are not allowed to wake up our son.”

I roasted a turkey yesterday (my first time) following this recipe; I am embarrassed just linking to it.

On CentOS: “yum install sqlite-devel” is required before attempting to compile pysqlite from source.

To be continued…

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