Beanlet’s First Game

Select out-takes from Beanlet’s first TV hockey game. Caps defeat the Ducks 6-4 in Anaheim.

Me: Offensive zone giveaway Nylander? Really? Man, you suck.
Sean: [grunt]
Me: Uh-oh.
Sean: [bubbly fart]
Me: How apropos.

Me: I can’t believe Theodore didn’t give up a fat-ass rebound on that shot, can you?
Sean: [grunt]
Me: I know… always to the slot. Time for burpings.

Me: SCORE! Man, Bradley was at the right place at the right time on that one, huh?
Sean: [milky foam extrusion]
Me: You’re right, he is a bit underrated.

Me: GOAL! Good going to the net Dave Steckel.
Sean: [silence]
Me: Wake up, Beanlet. Aw shit. 30 seconds after you score you let one in? Are you fucking kidding me?
Sean: [silence]
Me: It’s okay little buddy, you didn’t miss anything good. Time for bed.

One thought on “Beanlet’s First Game

  1. Theodore NOT giving up fat rebounds? What is this world coming to? I am guessing my seed’s first game will happen sometime next season and will include me yelling at Budaj as my child poops his diaper.

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