Approaching Ubiquity

There’s nothing wrong with a little self-promotion and localhost ego stroking is there?

James Mirtle is kind of a big deal in the hockey blogging niche. That’s like saying he’s the biggest fish in a pond with 2 fish, but he’s pretty well known.

Today, he announced that he’s moving from his blogspot site to a new one named “From the Rink” over on SportsBlogs Nation.

This is relevant for a number of reasons.

The recently-announced Pick SPG site that I worked on all summer with the Pension Plan Puppets administrator is running leagues for a number of SBNation hockey blogs, including: Pension Plan Puppets (Leafs), Mile High Hockey (Avs), Hockey Wilderness (Wild), Die by the Blade (Sabers), and Pensburgh (Penguins). Caps fans everywhere can also participate, and although no “official” league is being administered, J.P. of Japers’ Rink has said he will award a prize of some sort.

Having Mirtle as “Manager of NHL Blogs” for SBNation should greatly increase their audience of hockey fans. That should put my little pet project in front of more people, a lot of whom will hopefully enjoy the fruits of my labor.

Also, Mirtle notes:

Plus I get a snazzy logo.

Now, I don’t know who designed his new logo for him… but if you take a gander, it should look familiar to you (see the links at the bottom of that post). The goal is a dead giveaway.

Okay… so it’s only 2 things, and “ubiquity” is a stretch… but fuck it. I’m proud of my contributions to the online NHL fan community, and happy to see them getting some mileage.


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