Questions I Cannot Answer

Situation: Someone you know (not a close friend) claims to be an artist, but they suck.

That’s the label they adopt. “Artist” is what they write on the “Hi, My Name is…” name tag stickers at mixers. But they suck. They say, “I’m really going to just pull back from everything and get into my shit, man.” They’re really really trying. They wholeheartedly want to be an artist. They truly want to be successful as such. They honestly think they have a chance.

But they fucking suck. It’s not a “but, really, what IS art?” situation. It’s not hippy-dippy “how do you define ART, man?”

It’s universal suck. It’s garbage. In England, it’s rubbish.

Questions: Do you tell them? If so, how?

Situation: A friend expresses political opinions completely obverse to yours in a public forum (okay, it’s on Facebook).

They’re completely batshit insane. You wonder how in the ever-loving-fuck you could associate with someone like this. How could you ever overestimate this person? You thought they were cool and, by default, shared the same world views & opinions as you.


Questions: Do you cut them off like a necrotic appendage? Do you un-friend them on Facebook? Do you shudder silently and rationalize the friendship?

4 thoughts on “Questions I Cannot Answer

  1. Situation 1: The worst kind of “artists” are those that are bad, live in denial about their own abilities and refuse to take a long hard look at their reality. I used to feel it was my duty to destroy the world these people created for themselves (i.e. the hippy girl in my painting classes who put the Grateful Dead bear in everything and then ran out of the room crying one day the class critique came around and I said, “You are not serious about being artist and should not be in this class wasting our time and your time”) but the older I get, the less I care. Yes, they suck and so does their work. But If you told them so, would it change their opinion of their own work or just solidify their belief in their delusion? I usually find its the latter. If you claim to be an “artist” and cannot find any work as an “artist” then chances are you know you suck, anyway.

    Situation 2: I tend to ignore people’s political and religious leanings (especially on Adult MySpace). Only if it chaps my ass do I drop a wall post and tell them how fucking stupid their ideology is. If it really pisses me off than I am not beneath “un-friending” them.

  2. By nature we like to stick with people who have the same likes and opinions as ourselves- this is what makes us feel “included” and perhaps as a “collective”; however it is the difference of opinion that makes us an individual and challenges others on how true they are on their own opinions. If someone is truly stupid and they are your friend, then tell them they suck. People are entitled to their opinion, however if they are factually wrong then call them out on their bullshit.
    As far as art, it is totally subjective and someone else might find the crap totally cool. “Artist” is a label completely overstated and over simplified. i.e “I am an ‘artist’ at producing bullshit posts on Facebook”.

  3. OK, so Ciara says, “forgive & forget”; Broz says, “fuck it, don’t waste your time”; Danielle says, “attack your friend if you care enough… otherwise, fuck it”.

    The consensus seems to be: Fuck it. Don’t let it bother you.

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