Ow! My Arm!

Back in college, I took a course in religion to fulfill a Social Sciences requirement for the Honors College at USF. It was there I met one of my best friends of all time, Joe Darin, and this other guy (let’s call him “A.V.”), who happened to be homosexual. The three of us hung out a lot.

During the course of our time together… well… it was inevitable. One of us would say something or relate a story that failed to meet the “interesting banter” requirements of our mutual & collective friendship. Then, either Joe or I would say, “that’s gay” or “that’s so gay” or “dude, that’s fucking gay”.

A.V. would then instantly punch the perpetrator in the arm. Hard. Yeah, he liked the dick, but A.V. could sock a motherfucker right in the spot where the deltoid hits between the biceps and triceps.

Joe or Me: FUCK!
A.V.: Stop saying that.
Joe or Me: (rubbing arm) Fuck you. Ow. You gay fucker.
A.V.: I told you before.

Well, Mister A.V. 13.5 years after the fact, the BBC explains how the word “gay” became colloquial, and means something completely unrelated to sexuality. Some would argue that “gay” in its pejorative use is demeaning… just as if you called a Hispanic person a “spic” or “beaner”. Other ethnic or racial epithets undoubtedly also apply, as far as they’re concerned.

Big difference: The homosexual community at-large actively adopted the term. Nobody called them “gay” before they pinned the word to their chests as a badge. Regardless of whether or not today’s gays (or those in 1995) were part of the secret society that voted to use “gay” in lieu of “fancy” or other candidate terms back in the 70s: A.V.’s sensitivity to the word was completely unjustified.

Joe and I never meant it contemptuously.

You overly sensitive faggot.

Oh, now it’s on!

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