Volbeat: Rock the Rebel/Metal the Devil


A couple of weeks ago, Gregg sent me a link; it was a Volbeat video on YouTube. Upon primary inspection, I was confused.

I immediately recognized this tune as a blatant Johnny Cash rip-off. It was obviously a cover of “Folsom Prison Blues”, but without being a cover; it was a Volbeat original. With the knee-jerk “rip-off” judgment in mind, was this all very weird? Or, was it all completely awesome?

I bought the album to find out.

These guys are from Denmark, and they defy categorization. It’s 50s-style rockabilly metal with vocals that ooze the essences of Elvis and Misfits-era Glenn Danzig singing fucked-up, broken English & Danish lyrics, with thrash speed, groove-metal swagger, hardcore breakdowns, and “3-chords and out” punk… all rolled into one. And the production is outstanding.

Verdict: It’s completely awesome.


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