Slipknot: All Hope is Gone


I gave their previous album a 7 out of 10. This review is for the special edition release, which includes 3 bonus tracks.

In an online interview that I read at some point, on some website, somewhere in the ether, lead singer Corey Taylor explains the album title (paraphrased): “All hope is gone… like any hope you [the fans] have of figuring us out is gone.”

Let me help those having trouble: Various songs off previous 3 Slipknot (and 2 Stone Sour) albums, reheated, reshuffled & recorded.

I’m not saying it’s a bad album. It’s as good as you would expect from a collection of dudes my age who come from Iowa. While their technical & musical chops are still evident, they’ve been sapped of the originality that initially drew me in, and made me a fan.


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