An Acceptable Double Standard

A couple of weeks ago, I was taken aback after learning the price of a Ralph Lauren one-piece footie thing which Erin bought for the impending Beanlet. She spent $25 on something he’ll wear for maybe 90 days, and it’s not even made from some relatively-exotic material like cashmere or velvet.

It’s fuckin’ velour. Maybe fleece, if I’m lucky.

After a few minutes, I was completely cool with it. I mean, it’s only $25. That’s cheaper than 2 beers apiece at hockey. I just thought it was an absurd amount of money to pay for 1 baby outfit, especially when compared to the $4.99 argyle shit she’s been buying lately.

Then it hit me. I’m a huge fucking hypocrite.

Cuz, y’know, I’d happily shell out $60 for one of these:

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