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The Whole Truth by David Baldacci

Thrilling international intrigue? Yeah, for the most part.

This book shares two things with Nelson DeMille’s “Wild Fire” (reviewed here). 1) Both books hinge on a concept seemingly contrived by the tinfoil hat brigade. 2) The real-world existence of this concept is adamantly argued in each author’s respective after-word. Like I said before: Pandering to the paranoid brings in the cash, apparently.

That said, Baldacci’s premise is actually somewhat conceivable, even if his characters are not. As far as “perception management” and the creation of truth are concerned, you’d be hard-pressed to convince me that News Corp. isn’t the entity after which the book’s collective antagonist is modeled.

But the Indestructible Double Agent? The Tragic Hero Journalist? The Surly-yet-Ultimately-Supportive Handler? It is fiction, and I don’t think Baldacci made any attempt to conjure these characters as anything but… given their luck and traits.

As long as you go into this book knowing it’s a fantastic yet melancholy super-hero story, you’ll probably enjoy it.

But the ending is kind of stupid.



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