You may be thinking: “So, what’s been going on at Chez Perez lately?” Then again, you may not have been thinking that. Regardless…

The Beanlet’s arrival is closer to qualifying as “impending” with the passing of each day. As such, there’s been a shitload of stuff happening around the house.

Among them:

1. We got new windows & a sliding glass door in the basement. This involved removal of extant window hardware & decoration… and the ongoing reinstallation of said.

2. We got new granite counter tops in the kitchen. This involved a surprisingly-irrational, 45-minute visit to the local igneous-rock peddler… followed by expedient and professional installation 2 days thereafter.

3. We got new dining room furniture. As unlikely as it may seem (if you know us both)… our individual tastes are satisfied.

4. “We” decided to paint the closet of what will end up being the Beanlet’s room, only after having painted the bald spot left by the removal of wall-mounted shelves in same.

I’m still not done painting. I’m still not done re-hanging window shit.

None of this was my idea. Okay, I’m lying. The new windows were my idea. Either way… the place fucking rocks now.

All the credit goes to Erin.

Afterthought: Somewhat in defense of mothers-to-be: I think this whole “nesting” phenomenon may not necessarily be attributable to “get shit done to make it nice for the baby” as much as “get shit done now, because we won’t have the time after the spawn ruins my body”.


2 thoughts on “Nesting

  1. It’s called Impala Black, but it’s really a dark dark gray. Some of the samples I’ve seen under that name are a lot lighter than the slab we got. It was cheaper than the Absolute Black they had, but really not that far off color-wise.

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