Recently Read Books

Animal, Vegetable, Miracle: A Year of Food Life by Barbara Kingsolver

Amazon says it’s 400 pages long, but I cannot substantiate this claim. I could not make it past page 48.

Don’t get me wrong. It’s entirely my wife’s fault that we’ve taken to growing tomatoes and basil on the deck and patronizing local farmers’ markets, but I must admit that the produce simply tastes better than the shit you get at the supermarket. I’m on board with this whole “localvore” and “support your local growers” dirt-worshiping-hippie culture; I really am.

But this book. Ugh. Preachy and overblown. I have a theory that the key to successful advocacy is making information about your “cause” accessible to laymen. Using 43 fancy-schmancy words to convey an idea which requires 12 simple ones is not the way to go. Plus, it just makes you sound like an insufferably sanctimonious fuckhead.


John Dies at the End by David Wong

I bought this book not knowing that you can read the whole thing online, if you so choose. The basic premise is: Two guys, aided by a psychotropic drug, fight the forces of evil somewhere in the Midwest, as well as in parallel universes. Also: Lots of dick jokes.

There’s a lot of fucked up shit going on in this book. It’s like “Slither”-style excessive gore meets “Shaun of the Dead”-style comedy in the face of terror.

I loved it.


Gods Behaving Badly by Marie Phillips

Take some of the better-known Greek gods and goddesses living together in London, then throw in a couple of Scrabble-obsessed “mortals” to complicate the Olympians’ lives. This book is a quick read, and is somewhat entertaining. Look elsewhere for intellectual stimulation. This tale? She’s a vapid one. If this were to be made into a movie, it would star Lisa Kudrow. Maybe Ben Stiller will make it funny for TV?


One thought on “Recently Read Books

  1. hell yeah to the dirt-worshiping-hippie culture! (maybe not the hippie part.) hells yes to farmers markets and growing your own grub. but hell no to the sanctimonious and preachy book! the book “Food Not Lawns” is like that, full of ruminating on the author’s previous time with those pesky anarchists in San Francisco, and how her dreams of industrial collapse were being replaced by dreams of local ag everywhere. I love the name of the book, but don’t care for the content.

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