One-Way Ticket from Denver to D.C.

In my previous post “Why the Caps Need to Sign Huet“, I argued that Huet performed better than the Caps’ other goaltenders in the 2007-2008 NHL season, at least with respect to their goals-against averages, and save percent.

One day after Huet signed with Chicago, and the Caps signed Jose Theodore, I wondered how he stacked up against those 3 netminders from last year. The previous post’s calculations for all 3 guys included only games played as a Washington Capital. Since Theodore has yet to make his debut at Verizon Center, his GAA and SV% were calculated using all his games from this past year (regular season and playoffs) for the Avalanche.

Here’s the dirt. Reference that other post for the GAA and SV% algorithms.

Goalie Minutes Played Total Shots Total Goals GAA SV%
Kolzig 3,154 1,423 153 2.91 0.892
Johnson 1,032 500 46 2.67 0.908
Huet 1,222 571 43 2.11 0.925
Theodore 3,542 1,653 150 2.54 0.909

I suppose a case could be made that by counting only Huet’s 20.3 games as a Capital artificially inflates his stats. But I’d point out that Johnson played only 17.2 games last year.

From a purely statistical standpoint, Theodore is better than both Kolzig and Johnson, but not as good as Huet by a long shot.

Their career stats tell a different story. That is–for all intents and purposes–they’re pretty much interchangeable. Here’s hoping that Theodore, standing in net behind the same guys as those other 3 Caps goalies, can match Huet’s success.

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