Overheard in iChat: Part 6

Me: Erin found some baby clothes that said something on the front in PHP.

Me: Like: <?php “baby();”> or something like that.

Me: So that made me think: “Python onesie”.

class Baby(Human):
   def __init__(self):
       return self

Gregg: Isn’t that a singleton?

Me: I don’t know what a “singleton” is… at least how it relates to programming.

Gregg: A class that only exists to return a single object.

Me: Then, yes, it would be.

Gregg: Technically, I guess it should test if other instances exist and either kill them or refuse to create.

Gregg: But it’s a fucking baby thing, there’s not enough space on the child’s front for real design patterns.

Gregg: Looking over those last few lines, I now know why I never get invited to parties.

Me: You wouldn’t want to imply that the baby kills other instances of Baby which subclass Human.

Me: Not yet, anyway.

Me: You could always subclass differently to imply it.

class Baby(Cthulu):

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