Introducing the Perez Cup

Immediately after the Tampa Bay Lightning won the Stanley Cup, I received (among a shitload of sweet swag) two miniature, plastic Cup replicas from my brother who attended Game 7 in Tampa.

Last year, I quickly got sick of comparing my Stanley Cup playoff picks against the “experts” published on various sports-related websites across North America. This year, I invited all of my hockey-savvy friends and family to participate in a playoff competition.

Aside from my gorgeous-and-pregnant wife, only two had the balls to step up: “J” and “M”. Identifying information has been removed to provide anonymity, and also because I didn’t ask them if it’d be okay for me to post their picks.

The prize for winning the competition wasn’t really decided until I purchased a Dremel engraver offa’ the Amazon. After that, one of my two mini-Cups was destined to fall victim to the winner, as would everyone except Erin.

Here’s the final points tally, and here’s the reward:

Perez Cup 2008

Granted, I must work on my engraving skills (it was my first time!).

There’s plenty of room on that little plastic bitch to serve us well for years to come. If you missed this year’s competition, don’t miss it next year. Your name could end up on the Stanley Perez Cup.

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