What a Dick

There are plenty of people who hate Sean Avery just because he’s Sean Avery, or simply for the sake of hating him. It’s tradition in some circles. While his actions in last night’s loss against the Devils weren’t officially against the rules, “unsportsmanlike conduct” pretty much defines itself, and I think he probably should have been given 2 minutes in the box. If the referees’ hands were tied by “the letter of the law”, the rules have been changed to penalize any future instances of Avery’s dick move.

3 thoughts on “What a Dick

  1. That was the funniest video I’ve seen in a long time! Only Avery would try crap like that, but I have to admit I couldn’t stop giggling. I’m almost bummed that they changed the rule so quick! I mean, you kind of have to give him credit for trying something new! Even if he is a dick.

  2. I’m sorry, Catherine. I’d give credit for being innovative if the action wasn’t performed in service to being a complete asshole.

    If the thought process is: “Yeah, it’s fucked up… but it’s not explicitly disallowed, then let’s test the limits”, that brain has already disregarded what is canoncially acceptable for the sake of being a dick.

    My point is that his “trying something new” was in direct opposition to sportsmanship, which is (IMHO) the most important aspect of taking part in the sport.

  3. No, I totally understand your point. I agree that sportsmanship is a crucial aspect of the game. I’m just saying it made me laugh because it was so ridiculous! I mean, who tries something like that? Crazy. That’s all.

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