2007-08 NHL Eastern Conference Playoff Race

The 2007-08 NHL Eastern Conference Playoff Tracker PDF has been updated yet again.

This time, I’ve grayed out the Panthers and Leafs because they’ve been eliminated. Sorry, Yokes.

I’ve also added the Rangers and Senators to the mix… since it’s possible–if not likely *cough*Ottawa*cough*–for one of them to fuck up their playoff chances.

Since the last update:

1) Philly’s streak of getting points past regulation has ended; they lost to the Pens tonight. Their remaining games are home games against the Devils (shoot-out win vs. Boston tonight) and Pittsburgh again on Sunday.

2) Boston’s streak of winning in regulation (or, y’know, winning at all) has also ended; they’ve received 2 points in the last 2 games with an overtime loss and shoot-out loss versus Buffalo and Jersey, respectively.

3) Ottawa has lost 3 games in a row–the last two in consecutive shut-outs–and have lost 5 of their last 6, although they picked up 1 point in overtime vs. the Sabres in 1 of those losses. They play tomorrow in Toronto (let’s go spoilers!), and the next at home vs. the Bruins (can’t they both lose?).

4) The Rangers will probably win both games of their home-and-home versus the Islanders, and seem fully capable of taking care of the Devils, as they’ve won the last 2 matchups against Brodeur and… whoever else plays for New Jersey. They’ll probably clinch a berth before any of the other teams in the mix, but they’re thrown into the tracker anyway. Who knows? They might self-destruct. Jagr’s on the team, after all.

By the way: Last night’s Capitals game against the Hurricanes was one of the loudest NHL games I’ve ever attended. It was fucking craziness. Good win, too.

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