Forewarning, Foreshadowing, Pondering & Lamentation

Reviews are pending for:

Heaven Shall Burn: Iconoclast (good)
Facebreaker: Dead, Rotten and Hungry (hell yeah)
Byzantine: Oblivion Beckons (wha?)
Ill Niño: Enigma (hrm)
Meshuggah: ObZen (uh)

And yet I am considering purchase of:

Death Angel: Killing Season
Dark Fortress: Eidolon
The Sword: Gods of the Earth
Lair of the Minotaur: War Metal Battle Master

Finally, unfortunately, sadly, regrettably, I thought I’d never say this: I will not be buying the latest Danko Jones album.

It’s named “Never Too Loud”, but that title barely edged out the second-most-popular name: “What the Fuck Happened to Danko Jones?” After listening to the iTMS snippets… I will cry myself to sleep… and dream of Sugar Chocolate.

I know what you call me when my back is turned around. You call me Sugar Daddy Number One. But I like it.

(insert manly sobbing sounds here)

Rest in peace, Mango Kid.


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