Ringworm: The Venomous Grand Design

ringworm.pngWeak band website
Weak wikistub

I don’t know about you, but when I hear that a band plays “hardcore”, I tend to think momentary glimpses of fast, somewhat-punk-inspired greatness separated by too-long, waste-of-time breakdowns.

You know the ones… the trudgy bullshit most bands play in order to telegraph to their audience exactly when the moshpit craziness should ensue. As if their fans aren’t intelligent enough to know when to start going apeshit: “Get ready… we’re about to start playing real music… you may wish to begin considering the idea of punching your neighbor in the neck… but not yet… ready?… are you sure you’re ready?… wait for it… have we kept you in suspense long enough?… psyche!… one more bar of downtuned chugga… GO IDIOTS GO!”

Hardcore began as a natural progression–borne–from punk.

This album is bringing it back.

Sure, there are some slower portions to some of the songs, but it’s not at all difficult to relax from a 150 bpm metalpunk onslaught. To me, this release says: “Take your palm-muted, drop-D, 60 beats-per-minute and shove it up your ass.”


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