2007-08 NHL Eastern Conference Playoff Race

The game is afoot.

As far as I’m concerned, there are 7 teams to watch as the drama unfolds in the Eastern Conference playoff hunt. Of course, the one I’m paying most attention to is the Washington Capitals. With only a couple of weeks remaining, though, anything could happen between now and playoff time.

I drew up a quick calendar to plot the remaining schedules for all 7 teams, and a chart to keep track of their respective point totals. Sure I can just load up a browser and check the standings daily, but I find that physically writing something better equips me to fully understand it.

For example, joining a web-based football pool works fine. But keeping track of my picks and my weekly/season record on paper provides a wherewithall missing from purely online administration.

So here’s a snapshot of my East Playoff tracker:

2007-08 NHL Eastern Conference Playoff Race

Click that image to dowload the PDF if you’d like to play along at home.


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