Recently Viewed Movies

Coach Carter 2.5 Hoosiers + Dangerous Minds. Based on real events… all 3… is life really this uplifting and trite?
Hustle & Flow 3.5 According to my sources, it’s hard out there for a flesh-peddler.
Slither 4.5 A film bereft of any redeeming quality. Wholly entertaining.
The Sentinel 2.5 This is nothing like the creepy 1977 film of the same title in which Ellen Griswold sports a leotard, and masturbates on a couch.
The Kingdom 3.5 Foxx (not Redd) was better as The Hard-Ass in Jarhead. This film is thin on verisimilitude (guess who has a thesaurus!), but it’s fucking brutal… even if it plays against common sense and bolsters The Average American’s islamophobia.

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