Catching Up: Capsule Reviews

Puddle of Mudd: Famous
Band website, Myspace, Wiki

Exactly what you would expect from this alt-rock outfit. Not as good as “Come Clean”, and I’m disappointed that the radio-friendly “schizophrenic” lyric from Psycho doesn’t actually replace “motherfucking” on the album.

Left Lane Cruiser: Gettin’ Down On It (2006) + Bring Yo’ Ass to the Table (2008)
Label’s band site, Myspace, Wiki

Dirty, gritty, Southern blues-rock featuring a ton of slide guitar. The absolutely horrible production quality only adds to the bad-ass-ness of these releases.

Enemy of the Sun: Shadows
Band website, Myspace

Wonky and weird upon primary inspection, but it gets better after listening to it multiple times. There are a lot of great hooks in these songs. Too bad they’re sometimes pushed into the background in favor of crazy math rock wanderings.

Bullet for My Valentine: Scream Aim Fire
Band website, Myspace, Wiki

Another pretty solid thrash-inspired “metalcore” offering from these guys. “Hearts Burst into Fire” is a great fuckin’ song, if you like catchy, made-for-the-radio songs… which I do from time to time.

Devian: Ninewinged Serpent
Band website, Myspace

Black death metal? Yes, please! Evil vocals in front of a twitching, writhing mass of kicks-your-ass. The tempos often approach “how fast can we play?” without ever getting there; this is a good thing. This album sounds (to me) like it was mixed perfectly. I don’t have a bad thing to say about it. If death metal’s your thing, buy this now.

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