Happy Birthday to My Brother

You may call him Alex, but the family and friends call him something else. *shrug* I guess it depends on the circumstances.

Anyway, today is his 37th birthday, and I called him at home down in Tampa.

He hates it when people make a big deal about his shit. Personally, I don’t think a phone call necessarily equates to a big deal… but…

Here’s the kicker.

My brother was disappointed that I didn’t make a “Clerks” reference.



Only after he betrayed his unmet expectation did I realize that this particular birthday of his was ripe.

Opportunity lost!

I give it about… hrm… one year and nine months before I post a blog entry about how my brother burned me on my 37th birthday with a well-placed, gut-shot “Clerks” reference about me sucking dick.

Gregg, you’re on deck a mere 6 months after that, bitch!

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