Strange Things are Afoot in the Commonwealth

Dulles Rail Project All but Dead (also)
Are you fucking kidding me? After spending hundreds of millions of dollars already–with construction to begin this coming fall–this bald motherfucker‘s gonna’ take his 900-million-dollar ball and go home? So the D.C. area’s largest and most active airport is going to continue operating without rail service from the city? And people wonder why D.C. area traffic is so horrific.

Virginia’s Sangria Ban At Issue in 2 Hearings
Code of Virginia §4.1-324 ¶A.3 states:

No licensee or any agent or employee of such licensee shall sell wine to which spirits or alcohol, or both, have been added, otherwise than as required in the manufacture thereof under Board regulations.

Which means anyone with an ABC license can’t serve sangria. Are you fucking kidding me? One astute gentleman comments:

Two very popular cocktails, the Manhattan and the Martini, are mixtures of spirits (bourbon and gin) with wine (sweet and dry vermouth). Are all restaurants that serve these subject to fines and their bartenders jailed?

Sometimes I forget that Northern Virginia is, indeed, part of the Commonwealth. This makes me sad and embarrassed and explains why–when asked–I say that I live just outside of D.C.

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