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Wild Fire by Nelson DeMille

This book is a follow-up to his novel Night Fall, which previously earned 4 zombie heads. I ripped through it in 2 days over the holiday break at the in-laws’.

As with Night Fall, this book features many of the same characters (including the protagonist, naturally), and the plot device is essentially the same: One particular NYPD cop (retired) works for some anti-terrorism task force, and he becomes privy to hints of some deep-dark government secrets, which he absolutely must investigate. Sure, it’s fodder for all those conspiracy-theorist nutbags, but it’s fiction. It doesn’t help that the author does very little to dissuade said whackjobs, and even hints at the possibility of real-world parallels to his plot.

I guess that shit sells books.

If the premise was anywhere near believable, would the author have to drop a bit of wink-wink-nudge-nudge in the prologue? Absolutely not; his novel would establish that on its own. It’s exactly this pretense of plausibility that makes me knock off a couple of points.

If you’re willing to suspend your disbelief (hard to do given the above), it’s still a pretty good read.


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