Evile: Enter the Grave

eetg.jpgBand website

Let’s talk about the resurgence of thrash metal for a moment here, okay? As far as I’m concerned, this revival couldn’t be better timed.

It ostensibly began with a few outfits trying to capture the energy of the late-80s megabands (e.g., Trivium wishes they were Iron Maiden). It has since transformed into bands adopting the gestalt thrash mindset, and blending it with other subgenre staples (e.g., thrash + death = Skeletonwitch), but the emphasis remains on the attributes that define thrash metal. Yet, there are other bands who jettison any concept of disguise, and outright emulate their thrash metal heroes.

Early Metallica + Testament + Slayer = Evile

The lead singer sounds almost exactly like Slayer’s Tom Araya. Flemming Rasmussen (IMHO the best producer Metallica ever used) also produced this release. Hell, even the beginning of Man Against Machine mimics Testament’s Trial by Fire from 1988.

Does this mean that Evile are patently unoriginal? Perhaps. But I put forth that it is precisely their lack of pretense coupled with their head-down, ass-kicking, pure thrash metal released 20 years after the genre’s heyday that resurrects the originality that made me love metal in the first place.

These Brits fucking rip.



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