Blood Red Throne: Come Death

brtcd.jpgBand website

New “classic” death metal from Norway? Sure, I’ll give it a taste.

This release is rife with thrash riffs, insane European progressions and tempo changes. Throughout, it features a strikingly good bass guitar tone that too often gets pushed behind distortion on the majority of death metal tracks. The production on this release is damn-near perfect. The drum work is organic and terrifying, and the bass player is sick.

Some parts of the album descend into “play as fast as possible” mode with a side salad of “actual sense of tempo be damned, blast-beat the fuck out of it”. Some death metal fans will love that shit… but I’m not one of ’em. So you can play really fast? Big fuckin’ deal.

Deranged Assassin is simply vicious. The bridge in No New Beginning is like nothing I’ve ever heard. Apparently, Disincarnated is a Gorguts cover… but who–except someone who’s actually heard of Gorguts–would know that? Another Kill is one hell of a closer.

If you like death metal, even peripherally, don’t pass this up. It’s fuckin’ ruthless.


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