Bloodsimple: Red Harvest

bloodsimple2.jpgBand website

The bloodlust begins? Really? Did I miss the bloodlust memo?

The album’s first song intros with one verse of the Doors’ “The End” to open it all up in fine fashion. Yup, it’s that one part that screams, “FUCK YOU!” Nice work, gentlemen.

Overall, this release features slower-walking grooves, a ton of blues-inspired riffs done metal, and a lot of formulaic bullshit (they ran out of ideas). But, it’s all pulled off… kinda’ OK… despite the obvious lack of inspiration.

The song “Suck it Up” (#6) is bad-ass, but listening to “Dark Helmet” (#3) is like being fed into a fucking grain thresher; it’s the best song on the album… and the “holy fuck” part happens… right around… the break. Shut the fuck up. MURDERRRR!

Track 3 alone is enough to get this band one more point than I gave ’em in 2005.


p.s. Expedited reviews of Blood Red Throne (good), Machinemade God (ouch), and Evile (wow) will follow our holiday trip… after which I will assemble my best-of-2007 list.


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