Recently Listened-to Book

Darkly Dreaming Dexter by Jeff Lindsay

This was the (unabridged) audiobook that Erin and I agreed to purchase offa’ ITMS for our 13 hour round-trip to her aunt’s place in North Carolina for Thanksgiving.

Despite the information proffered by The Foof w/r/t Showtime’s serial (ha!) titled “Dexter”–based on this book and its sequels–yet never having watched an episode… I can only imagine that the show must be a heaping lump of shit…

… when compared to this book.

The show must be awesome.


2 thoughts on “Recently Listened-to Book

  1. I love Dexter the SHO show, so I thought I would give the audiobook a try. Having an 80 minute commute per day, I am a huge audiobook afficionado, so when I saw that Darkly Dreaming Dexter was available from my library as an audiobook, I checked it out. After listening, I thought it was the kind of book where the text actually suffers from narration rather than benefits. I find with many books that listening to them helps me focus and not rush ahead as I tend to do when actually reading myself. But this one, I think it would have come off a lot better just reading rather than listening. I had to force myself to finish, because at that point I was just curious to see how different the book was from the show.

    If you haven’t seen the show, I HIGHLY recommend it. But definitely watch it from the beginning. Great acting and, almost in spite of himself, the author had a great storyline–can he make an audience sympathize with a serial killer? This chick says YES!

  2. I thought the audiobook and narration was top-shelf… as far as audiobooks go. It’s always a bit shifty when it comes to a male narrator affecting female characters’ dialogue. Plus, if you’re not reading the book, you don’t get the opportunity to craft images and voices in your imagination, which always creates a richer experience. Then again, while listening, I could only think of the gay brother from Six Feet Under as Dexter anyway, so my imagination was already polluted.

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