The Old is New Again

But I honestly don’t know why…

I still owe reviews of the new Parkway Drive and Skeletonwitch releases, but I’m veering backward… way backward. I’m still digging on some of the new metal–and I have new Agony Scene and Bloodsimple on my gotta-buy list–but I think I’m suffering from auditory fatigue.

Tonight I ripped 6 CDs that I’ve had for many years. I constructed a new playlist in iTunes and slapped it on the big(ger) iPod. It’s named “Mellow”, and includes seriously-kickass, non-metal CDs that I haven’t played in a loooong time… that I only recently realized I missed. They are:

  • Goo Goo Dolls – Dizzy Up the Girl
  • Sponge – Rotting Piñata
  • K’s Choice – Paradise in Me
  • K’s Choice – Cocoon Crash
  • Green Day – International Superhits! (best-of album, but shit… it rules)
  • “Beautiful Girls” soundtrack

Do you have these types of albums? Ones that you abso-fucking-lutely loved at some point in your life which don’t even register a blip on your radar anymore? The ones that set up permanent residence in your 5-disc changer in that one car you used to own (and maybe still drive)? The ones that you’ve forsaken, even if by no conscious choice?

The stimulus of my musical reminiscence remains a mystery to me.


One thought on “The Old is New Again

  1. Very curious to read your review of the new Parkway Drive. I’m chalking it up as my favorite thus far for 07… but I think it might be a bit too break down heavy for you. I Haven’t had an album on such heavy rotation in years.

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