The Absence: Riders of the Plague

absence.jpgNominal band website
Wikitubes Weakness

The band comprises 4 guys from my old stomping grounds and former death metal capital of the world: Tampa, Florida.

Aside from their aforementioned “Into the Pit” Testament cover, this release features… hrm… how do I put this?

A fuckton of kicking your ass.

Do you remember Lamb of God before they started crank-turning bullshit and making fun of Phil Anselmo? Those were great times now lost. While The Absence’s website claims that they’re “Testament for the 21st century” (that can only be a good thing), I’d rather call them: “Son of Lamb of God but Better”.

Apparently, the drummer has left the band. According to him, his former bandmates are a bunch of assholes. I could give a fuck.

This album is massive.

Melodic thrash with death metal vocals and amazing solos that don’t wank.

This release is in the running for best metal album of 2007.



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