My Wife the Hockey Fan

Watching the Caps-Leafs game tonight, Joe Beninati calls the play-by-play:

Joe: And Mats Sundin tries to go five-hole on Kolzig.

Erin: I don’t like it when they say “five-hole”.
Me: Why not?
Erin: It always makes me think of my butthole.

Then she started counting holes… numbers 1 and 2 were her ears.


2 thoughts on “My Wife the Hockey Fan

  1. That’s funny. My wife and I refer to our collective assholes as “five hole” as well. My favorite was when we watched Monster’s Ball:

    “What’s he doing to Halle Berry?”
    “Going five hole.”

    I’ve also coined a term for when a woman is giving birth: “Going number 3.”

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