Caps vs. Bolts

Always late to the party–and hardly ever fashionable–I finally opened up a Flickr account.

Today I posted baby’s first photoset comprising most of the photos I took at last night’s game in D.C. I took around 120, posted 78, and of those maybe 10 are passable.

Gregg went to the game with me, and by both accounts it was a pretty damn good game w/ the Caps snapping out of their 4-game losing streak against my former-home-town Lightning. The nice, older couple who sit in our section (104) were surprised to learn that I was wearing no Lightning apparel whatsoever.

Last season, I went 50-50 on team loyalty when the Bolts were in town. This being my 10th year in the D.C. area, I figure it’s about damned time that the Caps get my unwavering support… even when the boys from Tampa visit. I will continue to root for the Lightning to win, except when they’re playing the Capitals, and at least until the Caps win the Cup.

Will that ever happen? Who knows? I got to see my favorite team win the Cup on June 7, 2004. I want to see that happen again… and I’m talking about the Caps this time, bitches.

3 thoughts on “Caps vs. Bolts

  1. TRAITOR!!!

    Seriously, I thought I saw you and Gregg on the TV, but the game wasn’t in High Def, so I could not be sure. Were both of you wearing dark shirts? Did you shave the goat?

    About the loyalty thing, I have come to the same conclusion. I just can’t root for the Chicago teams if they are playing against a team from Tampa.

    Except the Cubs, I mean come on, who roots for the Devil Rays?!?!

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