Ministry: The Last Sucker

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Is this truly the last original-content Ministry release? Ever? Let’s assume that it is.

Now, you know I loves me some Ministry. This album is almost better than “Rio Grande Blood”.

What’s holding Uncle Al from hitting one out of the park? The two-part “End of Days” finale. Other than those two tracks, this album crushes. As my friend Jack would say, “it’s fucking crucial”.

Walk along with me on this one… imagining the last track on the last-ever Ministry album… it’s scathing; it burns your flesh with unimagined pace, throat-rending vocals, hardcore industrial metal girth and presence. Right? The lyrics are damning; the Final Ministry Song is an acerbic condemnation of All which is Wrong in the World. Right?


“End of Days” is far from the hail of gunfire and heavy ordnance I expected. It’s a fucking “I give up” lamentation. Lamenting what? Well, the current state of American Apathy, of course. Whatever.

It’s a fucking cop-out.

But, maybe the last song’s surrender is for the better. Close out the anti-Administration trilogy with an industrial-metal dirge of sorts. Perhaps that’s the best approach? Culturally and historically, this may prove true… but, remember, the (w) is expecting history to redeem him, as well.

Al missed his chance at a truly fucking spectacular exit from the arena… a “fuck you” swan song that–potentially–could have signalled the end of an era. Which era? Ministry or the (w)? It doesn’t matter… both opportunities are lost forever.


That’s for everything else on the album.


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