Link-a-riffic Weekend Recap


We went to ATR in Reston to have some lunch and watch the Bulls destroy UCF. Then we attended Festa Vino di San Gennaro for a couple of hours, and walked away with 3 bottles of wine. At 7pm, due to the Cox vs. Comcast dust-up, we headed to Jimmy’s to see if we could catch the Caps vs. Sabres on their satellite feed. No TV hockey love. They were celebrating the owner‘s 41st birthday and his induction to the Bartender Hall-of-Fame that night, so we stuck around and had a couple of beers with him and Ray Foley, publisher of Bartender magazine, who waxed philosophical about his daughter’s upcoming wedding and tried repeatedly (jokingly?) to steal my lighter.


We drove into the city to visit the Solar Decathlon on the Mall. Long lines. We had to queue up behind Annoying Hippie Couple who debated the finer points of recycling paper for 20 minutes (she lost) before entering NYIT’s house, which was almost claustrophobic. CMU’s house looked a little West-Virginia-trailer on the outside (kind of why we waited so long to walk through), but was surprisingly roomy and modern-looking inside. From there, we went to the Elephant & Castle for lunch where we watched the 2nd half of the Redskins’ loss, and felt slightly jilted as the TV dorks announced that USF came in at #2 in the BCS. On the way back to the car, we stopped by the Turkish Festival on Penn to check out “the Bazaar”. All the food smelled exquisite, and brought back memories of 1983. If only we hadn’t already eaten…

2 thoughts on “Link-a-riffic Weekend Recap

  1. By claustrophobic, do you mean there were a lot people visiting the house for tours? The home has a 480-sq-ft open space and glass doors that lead to a big deck.

  2. I think it was a confluence of the density of people lingering in the house and the footprint of the house itself. Even with the large glass doors and deck, the inside open space was long and narrow. That’s not to say the house didn’t kick ass, I just couldn’t spend enough time hip-to-hip with the throng to fully appreciate it.

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