A Preemptive Strike

Instead of ignoring the ‘blog and proceeding with life as (partially) planned, then coming back and typing up some bullshit summary-in-retrospect… here’s what is about to occur:


  • I took the day offa’ work to pack for our upcoming trip. I am currently lording over laundry.
  • In the morning, I will head over to REI or Modell’s to purchase a long-sleeved shirt constructed from a fabric that will either actively prevent hypothermia, or wick cold water away from my body. Hopefully both, possibly neither.
  • I will consult a seemingly-proficient employee at one of the aforementioned retail establishments in this matter. Said employee may very well know less about this shit than I; I could get screwed.
  • Erin and I will leave tomorrow afternoon for Deep Creek Lake, Maryland.
  • We will not exceed the speed limit by more than 10 miles-per-hour after entering Maryland. The previous 80-in-a-65 ticket explains why.
  • Work’s all-expenses-paid annual trip starts (AFAIC) when we get there.
  • Given the lack of NHL coverage in way-western Maryland, we will miss the Caps’ season opener versus the Atlanta Thrashers. Go Caps!
  • I will hog Erin’s iBook obsessing over the game-related scraps fed me by Yahoo! sports.
  • I will either be elated or pissed at the outcome. Yet, the boxscore may prove a salve for my wounds if the boys play well.
  • There will be beers.


  • I will quietly (or annoyingly) celebrate my 10th anniversary at work. Seriously. Ten years. That’s pretty–happily–fucked up, isn’t it?
  • We may rent a pontoon boat.
  • Barring pontoon action, we may head out onto the lake in 2 of TheThird’s 4 kayaks.
  • I will go white-water rafting (hence the shopping trip on Friday) around 3pm.
  • I will miss the (6)USF-FAU game. Go Bulls!
  • I will check the score–surely sore–upon my return from rafting. Boxscore, salve?
  • We will miss the Caps’ home opener at Verizon Center versus the Carolina Hurricanes. Go Caps!
  • iBook? Hogged. Scraps. Boxscore. Salve?
  • There will be beers.


  • We may rent a pontoon boat.
  • Barring pontoon action, we may head out onto the lake in 2 of TheThird’s 4 kayaks.
  • There should be beers (not while boating!).


  • Work’s all-expenses-paid annual trip ends (AFAIC) when we leave.
  • Fun’s over, bitchez.
  • We return.
  • Check the mail.
  • Back to normality.
  • Yay?
  • No beers.
  • Boo.
  • Early to bed.
  • 9:30am meeting on Tuesday.
  • Hiss.

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