Hell, Hubris and Humor

I hold down multiple roles at work. Because I have nothing else to ‘blog about today, I figured I’d give you (few) regular readers a glimpse into the hell, hubris, and humor I experience via email Monday through Friday.

Yesterday – Internal Website Admin.

Auto Notifier: (to me) Error – The site is having technical difficulties with this page. An error has been logged, and the problem will be fixed as soon as possible. Sorry!

Me: (to Sec’y) This should be fixed now.

Her: wow… you’re like the wizard of oz

Me: Pay no attention to the man behind the curtain.

Today – Product Development

Bug Tracker: (to me) Reset / Power buttons broken. Reporter: newkid. Owner: me. Type: defect. Priority: critical.

Me: (to newkid) Running from trunk SVN on my machine — cannot replicate this problem. Let me know when you’re around so you can demonstrate.

Bug Tracker: (to me) Changes (by newkid): Status: new => closed. Resolution: => invalid. Comment: After more testing, found the problem doesn’t lie in the buttons, but with some underlying networking issue on my machine.

Today – Marketing

Me: Yo [Engineer], how about a big glitzy press release for the [huge contract] award, eh?

Him: That’s a great idea!

Me: I’m glad you think so! I patiently await your first draft.


Am I a dick, or what?!

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