The Red Chord: Prey for Eyes

album cover artBand website

This is progressive dissonance metal; the shit’s all over the place. The guys do a lot of interesting things with tempos, solos, guitar progressions, etc. and sound pretty tight throughout.

There are surprisingly (and thankfully) few breakdowns on the CD; when one happens, they at least have the decency to sing/growl over it, instead of leaving you to your own (bored and increasingly disinterested) devices.

There are certain comparisons and/or parallels you could make between The Red Chord and a number of other metal bands, but none of them would stick very well. The drums on “Send the Death Storm” stand out like Rust in Peace era Megadeth, at least until the blastbeats come in. Certain songs on this album immediately conjure memories of (good) Lamb of God, then Opeth a little later. This album is fragmented; you think it’s going to zig when it zags.

Overall, it’s not bad, but I don’t see myself shelling out cash for future releases from this band.



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