DevilDriver: The Last Kind Words

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Previously: 2003, 2005, 2006

What can I say about DevilDriver that I haven’t already said without sounding like I’m some super-gay-for-DevilDriver fanboi? Okay, let’s settle this once and for all: I am super-gay for DevilDriver; I am a DevilDriver fanboi. About 4 years ago, Dez Fafara took the title of “Baddest-ass metal motherfucker under five-foot-three”; he claimed it from whomever kicked Glenn Danzig out of the throne about 4 years prior to that.

As with Clutch, my continued support of the band is not due to blind faith nor default acceptance. If either of these bands produced a lump of shit, I’d be the first to call it “a lump of shit”. The biggest fans usually end up being the harshest critics… except for the immature assholes who vomit “[whatever band] fucking sucks!” because they’ve never heard any of their music. (By the way, I’ve heard their music, and Morbid Angel fucking sucks.)

There is not a single bad or otherwise throw-away song on this CD. “Monsters of the Deep” is the weakest, but that’s only because it’s slower than the rest. Everything else simply kicks too much ass.

This is–to date–the best metal album of the year.



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