Symphony X: Paradise Lost

symphonyx.jpgBand website

This album is definitely “metal”, but how much so is up to personal opinion. The wikitubes qualify this release as “neo-classical” and “symphonic power” metal. I honestly can’t think of a better description.

It sounds very technical (think Swedish), but without being cold. Like a lot of other “progressive” metal offerings, much more attention is paid to the composition of the songs versus just playing as hard, fast and loud as possible. As such, there are many “non-traditional” influences evident in the album as a whole–e.g., haunting background keyboard–but without being too gothy or pathetic. Is that redundant?

While composition seems to be the band’s most important consideration, there are (unfortunately) plenty of wank-tastic guitar solos. Most are well-placed and unobtrusive, but the remainder are shrill and upset the flow of the songs. They could have paid a little more attention to overall cohesion, and left ’em out.

Either way, it’s a pretty good CD.


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