Subterfuge or Just an Unwelcome Endorsement?

After widespread rumors of the man’s death, Fidel Castro’s name is at least healthy enough to appear in an editorial opining that a Hillary-Barack ticket in 2008 would be “invincible”… or so CNN reports.

Hrm… the only remaining old-school Commie in the Western hemisphere ostensibly backs some Democratic candidates, and one unlikely pair in particular? What better way to put a bad taste in the collective mouth (not to mention hive mind) of Middle America? I mean… in lieu of some crazy gay-sex scandal perpetrated by someone who’s not in the Republican party.

Smart money says the “embattled” G.O.P. is already drawing up their talking points from this fodder.

One thought on “Subterfuge or Just an Unwelcome Endorsement?

  1. Does America have to be reminded that Fidel opened Cuba’s prisons allowing criminals to migrate to America? Need the America populace be reminded of other atrocities having taken place behind the veil of goodwill? False perceptions of reality have deceived the America populace far too long while ignorance runs rampant throughout. While fostering a perception that change must begin with the White House, which is a lie! Change must come from within the individual, the American people and then change will come to the White House, if change is whats needed. Hilary Clinton for president would be the worst mistake America has made in recent years and would spell the end of the Democratic party as a functioning entity. With the American infrastructure deteriorating at an alarming rate with bridges collapsing, cities decimated while the socioeconomic structure devastated by the influx of illegal immigrants and neither the Presidency, Congress or local politicians taking appropriate action to safeguard the American people. Then there are the existing presidential candidates spouting illusionary promises while claiming to or will be something far more than any are capability of providing. Neither the Democratic or Republican parties have anything to offer the American people nor until America takes stock in and of itself will matters continue to degrade to the point of no return. New Orleans is not a one sided issue as Hilary Clinton and Barack Obama would have America believe. Both city, state and federal governments are equally the blame while it is easy to point the finger what did Louisiana, Illinois, Virginia and other cities do to ensure the protection of its citizenry? If the truth be told these cities did little if anything while blaming federal government for its individual shortcomings. Only a fool would believe the garbage being spouted by Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, Giuliani and the likes thereof. China is rapidly overtaking America and why? Simply put, China for years had a closed door policy as relates to foreign intervention and involvement until China was secure in maintaining itself as a nation. What is America’s excuse? Why is Congress so inept in its duties and responsibilities while placing total blame on the Bush Administration? Again, only a fool would believe this is the case because constitutionally both Congress and the Bush Administration are equally responsible for mess America is in and can seemingly do nothing to revert things still yet to happen. Lastly, what are we, the people doing to ensure that we, the people have a fair and honest representative in government? Why are we, the people so caught up on gender and ethnicity that we cannot see that racial profiling is an evil destroying America from within? A “NO VOTE” for both Hilary Clinton, Barack Obama, Rudy Giuliani is an honest and correct vote anything less would be to further the atrocities befalling We, the people!

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