Inspiration and its Subsequent Demoralization

halftone.pngToday I manually drew a vector-based halftone pattern for use on some marketing stuff. That’s a rasterized version of it over there. It wasn’t really all that difficult (in retrospect), but it took a long time because I was obsessing over the precision of the damned thing.

Then, after a quick googling, I found out that I could purchase a slew of professionally-designed halftone patterns from these guys (scroll down to “Set 3”). It would have been a no-brainer to have work buy that shit (no obstacle there; it’s only $15), and save me an hour or two of fucking around. Yeah… “a quick googling”… I’d searched for some vectors at least 3 times before bearing down on the shit, but–apparently–I lacked the proper terminology.

Recognizing my personal defeat, I checked out the rest of their shit, and was blown away. Everyone has their own taste; you may not dig what they’ve done and/or are capable of doing… but I love it.

I want to have talent like that.


2 thoughts on “Inspiration and its Subsequent Demoralization

  1. Yeah… i’ve seen their work… wild!

    But if you’re looking for higher quality Halftone Dot patterns
    get a grip from:

    These are clean halftones that I purchased and cut in vinyl. They dont have the traced look you find from Illustrator etc.
    Wrapping a pattern over a car is cool. Worth the $1 i think.

    Check em out.


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